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Posted : December 9, 2008
I did an experience dive in Thailand about two years ago and had trouble equalising but eventually got down and all was ok. For a couple of days afterwards I had some discomfort during snorkelling but nothing since.
I have recently completed my pool seasons for my open water and was at Stoney Cove Sunday for my open water dives.

Again as I descended I had problems equalising and had to abort the dive, I normally have no problems with my ears and feel no discomfort flying, I did not have a cold or any problems like that in Thailand and have only had the usual sniffles that occur this time of year.

I have tried the equalising technique above water and it would seem that the Eustachian Tube seems ok I can feel different sensations as a blow and suck.

As I cleared the water at Stoney I cold hear some whistling, bubbles and squeaks.

Any ideas?

Posted : December 9, 2008
Thanks for the query.

This does sound like some middle ear congestion to me, as suggested by the problems equalising on descent, and the "bubbles and squeaks" you were getting. It's difficult to know why this is happening without having a good look around and examining things, but there may be a correctable issue there. So I'd suggest you see your local dive doc for a once-over, or come in and see us: 0207 806 4028 for an appointment.


Dr O
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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Posted : December 9, 2008 by - ODDY105
I am booked into my local GP on the 10th, so we will see what that sheds light on first.
Keep you informed and thanks.
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