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Posted : April 10, 2008
Hi my partner and I are travelling to Thailand to do the Open Water Padi Dive Course. Im very concerned about doing the course as I have always had ear problems - I had a few infections as a child and had grommets put in. They are out now but everytime I descend on a plane I suffer immense pain as I cant seem to 'pop' them (much to my frustration) Why can't I clear my ears? Could this hinder my diving?
Further to this I have recently been diagnosed with Migraines - they arent very bad but could this affect my diving?
Posted : April 10, 2008
Inability to clear your ears would definitely hinder your diving. Usually grommets fall out after a while and the eardrum heals up well, but before you go diving I'd suggest you get a medical to check you can equalise OK. Migraines also need a bit of assessment. So see your local dive doc, or if you are in/can get to London, come and see us: 0207 806 4028 for an appointment.
Regards Dr O
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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