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Posted : February 14, 2007
i had a PFO closed 3 years ago but recently was stopped from diving in the maldives because the hypabaric dive doctors on bando island said i should have it checked out every year.i had a signed letter from dr wilmshurst stating that ini was at no greater risk than anybody else but the dive school on lily beach would not exept it as it was over 2 years old.Do you think they were right or are they missinformed
had mild skin bend in 2003,PFO closure through Dr Wilmshurst in april 2004. they eventually conceded after 3 days of argueing and looking up the good doctor on the internet .im going back in march to another island and hope that its straight forward this time
Posted : February 15, 2007
That's quite unusual. PFO closure has a very low complication rate, and more importantly, an overall 5 year failure rate of less than 1%, so I can't see the logic in an annual check - that seems like overkill. Hopefully another island will have a more enlightened view on the matter!
Dr J
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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