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Posted : November 14, 2006
Diving after Thrombosis...
Hello there,
Basically, in summer 2003 my partner suffered a DVT and recovered. He became an instructor in late 2003. He last dived in February this year. We moved to Spain from the UK in April (very long drive) and in July following a few long evening shifts on his feet suffered another bout of Thrombosis, this time superficial, with a vein on the outer part of the leg affected. He was treated with Clexane and rest until the end of August and an ultrasound in September showed that the leg is clear of thrombosis.
He still has discomfort in the leg (still recovering/healing?) but is desperate to get back in the water in the near future. Is it likely he will be able to dive again as a job? His doctors here do not really understand what scuba is. He is due to have a blood test next week to see if there is an underlying cause as to why a man of 42 should have suffered two bouts of thrombosis. We have already turned down a great job in Africa for fear it was in a too remote location and too soon but would like some idea about how long it might be before he could safely dive again.
Any advice would be much appreciated as finding anyone here that understands, is near on impossible!
Many thanks...

Posted : November 14, 2006
Yes it is strange a man of 42 gets 2 DVTs, though it sounds the second one is more of a SVT.
Blood tests may show he has an inherent illness which makes him prone to clotting,
in ehich case he may end up on warfarin for life.
If this is the case, there are implications on being an instructor, as he would be depth limited with diving to say 20-25metres.
[he would not be allowed in the UK to intruct but rules are slacker in other countries]
But...if the blood tests are normal and it was bad luck then he should be fine to continue diving and OWSIing
Dr J
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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