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Posted : November 3, 2006
can you dive after sucessfull surgery for repair of pneumothorax??
when i was 18 i had some spontanious pneumothorax. this was sucessfully repaired with thoroscopic stappling of bullae and plural abrasion. after a couple of years i was travelling and completed my padi ow and aow courses and did 18 dives, with no side effects. i'm now keen to dive again, but been older (28) and wiser i want a dive medical 1st. am i waisting my money - should i give up diving for good?? many thanks
Posted : November 6, 2006
Yes you can dive after successful fixing of this,
you do need to see a dive doc though for it,
we are London based:
To make an appointment, please call 02078064028.
However lines do get busy in the morning so afternoon is the best time to
Alternatively you can make an appointment request online:
and you will recieve a response that working day.
And to find our location please look here:
Tube is the easiest way of getting here, as we are 30 seconds walk.
Dr Jules Eden
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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