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Posted : September 9, 2006
Diving with MS: Should they dive?
Person diagnosed 6yrs ago with relapsing imitting MS and had issues for 5yrs before dx.

Been diving (AOW nitrox) for 8yrs.
Uses rebiff (44) and has done so for nearly 6yrs.
His consultant knows he dives and said that he should continue with things he does as long as his body allows him to do so but should listen to what his body tells him.
Been told he should avoid extreme cold/heat but if anything he seems to feel much better in the hotter holiday temps.
He has disclosed his MS to the company who covers his travel insurance; company are a known dive related company (group of 5 all use the same company)
our friend will only ever buddy up with any of our regular 'buddies' who all know he has MS; if none of us can dive then he will NOT dive, he would not dive with anyone else.
He has also informed the doctor who he has his dive medical with (don't use same one due to geographics)

As indiviuals we are all happy to continute to dive with him and have had no issues to Q his diving abilities and health except to want to get some feedback from someone who understands diving and medical issues.

Many Thanks
Posted : September 11, 2006
Yes he can dive, but he does need medical clearance from a dive doc, and there could be restrictions depending on how his MS is at that stage,
best he sees us for examination, then that would make it ok for the insurance company
02078064028 for an appt
dr j
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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