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Posted : August 1, 2006
my girlfriend has a bad ear infection twice a year for the last five years ,
for the last five years, since giving up diving through it (the dive tutor?loaded her up with rocks because she had buoyancy trouble!!)any way twice a year the infection starts and lasts for a month,ish ,some thing grows and pops in her ear it takes about a month to run its course then shes ok for a few months, shes only ever had antibiotics off doctors, and her ear smells bad during the infection,and shes in excruciating pain too its definitely dive related but the doctors wont have it
Posted : August 1, 2006
First things first, how to protect your ears when you are diving, if like me you suffer outer ear infections easily.

A simple 2 step programme.

Swim Ear after every dive.

Antibiotic ear drops after every days diving. These need a prescription and there are many to choose from. My current favourite is called Gentisone.
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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Posted : August 4, 2006 by - Spyder_steve
ah ! just the question i wanted to know..
I've been told by a doctor i'll always suffer with outer ear infection, causes more discomfort more than anything.
i get steriod ear drops and fluxiolin (if i spelt that right), a form of penecillin
been told to stay away from water or use ear plugs.. which somehow i dont think so !

any suggestions ?
and is there any alterantive ear drops ?
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