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Posted : March 11, 2006
Can you please explain the possible causes of swelling of the right upper lip and cheek following diving.
My buddy is 37, male, fit and healthy. He has had several episodes of painless swelling of his right upper lip over the past year following diving. Yesterday he felt, on his ascent, at 8m that it was going to happen again, and sure enough at the surface his lip was swollen again. In fact this one was worse with his cheek swelling too. About double normal thickness. Always right side.

Our best theory is air entering his upper lip )perhaps some form of trauma from the mouthpiece) causing air to enter the upper lip, with expansion of air occurring on ascent. There is no feeling of mouth piece trauma. This is always painless, and resolves after a couple of days. Yesterday was a fairly deep dive to 36m, but other deep dives are without this occurring. We would appreciate your comments please
Posted : March 12, 2006
I have never come ax this before, but there are really only 2 possibilits, forstly its only air that will expand on ascent and if there were some form of honeycombning in the tissues then i suppose air could enter and cause this, or.... is this a skin DCI, either way i think he needs to see a dive doctor for a checkup
dr j
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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