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All questions are answered by Dr Oliver Firth, one of the doctors at the London Diving Chamber. Dr Firth has had a wide variety of experience as a doctor in both the UK and Australia. He writes regularly for ‘Sport Diver’ Magazine and gives talk on hyperbaric medicine.

Because of the confidential and sensitive nature of advice given in the medical forum, questions DO NOT post direct to the forum page but are sent to the doctor for his comment and reply. Once a reply has been sent, both the question and answer will post to the forum page.

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Question - Hello, I plan to take commercial diver course in near future. I have a few health issues though and I would really appreciate if you could give s ...
24 March Thursday, 1:37 PM
Question - hi doc. i have just been diagnosed with type2 diabetes can you still dive.
24 March Thursday, 1:30 PM
Question - I am an Instructor working in Thailand 2 months ago I seemed what I thought was a chest infection I went to the doctors and he gave me medication ...
I am 55 years old quite fit weight 82kg 6ft tall never smoked and drink maybe one beer a night
4 March Friday, 1:16 PM
Question - hi doctor i once had an attac of svt(2007)i take one 15mg of flecanide a day i have cut out all caffine including chocolate stop smoking since las ...
21 February Monday, 12:45 PM
Question - hi, i want to become a diveing instuctor and was wondering if my meds would be compatable to do this im takeing 75 mg of seroquel for an acute sy ...
21 February Monday, 12:42 PM
Question - Hi my fiance and i are due to go to Kenya on honeymoon in September. When she was younger she collapsed her lung by cracking a rib. She is now 35 ...
10 January Monday, 9:50 AM
Question - Hi, I'm 56 years old & I've been diving 36 years & have just been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia. My doctor has just prescribed Doxaz ...
3 November Wednesday, 5:50 PM
Question - In 2001 I had a suspected pulmonary embolism after a car accident left me immobile for 2 weeks. I was hospitalized and treated with warfarin. I wo ...
28 October Thursday, 5:09 PM
Question - Hello, I take 7.5mg zopiclone to help me sleep, which I have been taking for some time now. I have just had my DM Medical and the dr has concerns ...
27 October Wednesday, 4:55 PM
Question - Hi I had on operation 6 weeks ago to correct a hiatus hernia (fundoplication) how long before i can resume diving, also are there any restrictions ...
21 October Thursday, 9:16 AM
Question - I keep getting the most vicious cramp in my left calf muscle at the end of a dive - usually when swimming back to the boat. I have tried eating a ...
21 October Thursday, 9:11 AM
Question - Diving after minor surgery to remove sebaceous cyst on the neck - how long do I have to wait?
I am due to have a very minor surgery to remove a sebacious / epidermoid cyst on my neck. It will result in a 1-1.5cm long wound.I am due to hav ...
21 October Thursday, 9:06 AM
Question - Are there any restrictions to diving after artificial disc replacement surgery? I
I had the surgery 5 years ago (ActivL disc at L5/S1) and apart from some occcasional back pain, usually brought on by too little activity rather t ...
23 July Friday, 6:51 PM
Question - Learning to dive - After Spinal Surgery
Hi, About 6.5 years ago I had Spinal Fusion to treat Scoliosis. After about 1-2 years post op my Surgeon lifted all restrictions. He informed ...
19 July Monday, 2:01 PM
Question - Wanting to get my PADI Open Water Cert but have a question about some recent surgary i have had.
Hi There, I have a copy of the PADI medical form and answer no to all the questions, but would like to make sure. Recently i was a victim o ...
9 July Friday, 3:43 PM
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