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All questions are answered by Dr Oliver Firth, one of the doctors at the London Diving Chamber. Dr Firth has had a wide variety of experience as a doctor in both the UK and Australia. He writes regularly for ‘Sport Diver’ Magazine and gives talk on hyperbaric medicine.

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Question - Diving with unoperated L5/S1 prolapsed disc
I have been diagnosed with an L5/S1 left sided prolapsed disc. This was severe in the form of sciatia from Feb - June but has improved over the la ...
1 November Thursday, 9:22 PM
Question - dive doctors
hi i have a pacemaker and the only dive doctor i can find is in bristol and im in milton keynes and he wants 150 to see me so do you know of any ...
26 October Friday, 1:40 PM
Question - My eight year old son has been invited to an introductory dive session next week. Maximum depth aprox 1 metre. He has migraines about once a week ...
5 October Friday, 4:18 PM
Question - Advice on dive related labyrinthitis please.
On a recent dive I felt a sharp pain in my ear as I was having trouble equalizing. After a few adjustments all was ok. (I didn't worry about it at ...
5 October Friday, 4:16 PM
Question - I recently had pulmonary edema after diving (which cleared right away)and tests show that my heart is healthy yet have been warned not to dive ag ...
7 September Friday, 3:04 PM
Question - Hi.. My son aged 15 did PADI open water on a trip to Malaysia this summer. On return the leader said that he had had something called diver's ear ...
6 September Thursday, 9:19 AM
Question - If I have a PNS fitted to help control my migraines, will I have to give up diving?
21 August Tuesday, 9:22 AM
Question - My husband has dived for over 42 years and underwater photography has been his life. In 2008 he was diagnosed with bells palsy which led to the di ...
20 August Monday, 5:27 PM
Question - Hi there - I'm new to the forum but I'm looking for some help with something. I've been diving for a number of years but I have a friend who is l ...
7 August Tuesday, 4:50 PM
Question - I have just been told I have Derkins Disease, is it safe to dive.
I am 54yrs old, I dont smoke and a little overweight if I was being honest. One of the small lumbs is a little sore the others dont give me any pr ...
30 July Monday, 3:04 PM
Question - I am an experienced diver with around 360 dives to date. I travel to Thailand in December and hope to dive whilst i am there. However, I have deve ...
6 June Wednesday, 2:00 PM
Question - hi doc last christmas i suffered a Spontaneous phneumothorax and have wandered since will i be adle to dive again
i have suffered from plurecie but not seriously before as well as infentile ashma which only lasted a few months and since christmas my lung has ...
30 April Monday, 2:32 PM
Question - My 16yr old daughter us going on a trip in the summer and the final part us to take part in the Padi. She has over the past 12months had occasions ...
30 April Monday, 2:12 PM
Question - Hi Doc, on my last medical i had a slightly high blood sugar level ,so i went the GP and had blood tests that were borderline so I then had a gluc ...
I am 42 ,fit ,regularly train quite muscular,non smoker, light drinker, No symptoms - Also just passed ENG-1 medical no problems with urine test.
16 April Monday, 9:54 AM
Question - Diving and Type I diabetes
I would like to take my daughter diving. She is Type I diabetes on an insulin pump, She also takes thyroxine. Does the effect or absorption rate o ...
3 April Tuesday, 2:59 PM
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