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All questions are answered by Dr Oliver Firth, one of the doctors at the London Diving Chamber. Dr Firth has had a wide variety of experience as a doctor in both the UK and Australia. He writes regularly for ‘Sport Diver’ Magazine and gives talk on hyperbaric medicine.

Because of the confidential and sensitive nature of advice given in the medical forum, questions DO NOT post direct to the forum page but are sent to the doctor for his comment and reply. Once a reply has been sent, both the question and answer will post to the forum page.

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Question - I'm scheduled to go to southern Egypt in 2 1/2 weeks. about 3 weeks ago I had terrible pains in my lower back and left leg. I was dianosed as have ...

Question - I have just returned from a weekend diving and the first dive was to around 38m and I descended fairly fast. I sometimes have problems equalising ...

Question - During or after my last two diving holidays I have come down with acute tonsilitis. Two years ago I saw a consultant about persistent swelling ...
I am male, 25, in good health, no health issues other than this. I haven't come down with a sore throat or tonsilitis every time I have dived, but ...

Question - I have had difficulty equalising since I did my padi open water and subsequent sea dives. After dives I go deaf in my right ear which swells, for ...

Question - I have diabetes 2, which is controlled by tablet, also hypertension which is controlled by tablet. would I be able to scuba dive? would I also nee ...
diabetes-metaphormin: 500mg blood pressure: Ramipril 1.25

Question - I had a kidney transplant in 2003 and would now like to learn to scuba dive. I am physically fit as I regularly run and have completed 3 marathons ...

Question - I have type 1 diabetes and I have been diving regularly for apx. 18 months with PADI AOW accreditation. My diabetes is well controlled and I take ...

Question - We, as a club are shortly going on a dive trip where most dives are 30m +. We have a junior member who has booked a place, along with a her parent ...

Question - Hi, Last year I was diagnosed with Prenicious Anaemia and startedVit B12 Injections. Is it still safefro me to dive and is there any limit to the ...

Question - I suffer with severe calf muscle cramp during and at the end of a dive .Have tried magnesium and zinc tablets,eat bananas drink more water etc.Hav ...

Question - My daughter suffered with ear problems when younger and was treated with gromits in both ears. Having tried diving in a pool it appears that she i ...

Question - My husband is 44 years of age and was diagnosed on Wednesday with having DVT “below the knee clot” in one leg and A “leaky valve” in the other. ...

Question - On holiday last week, someone on the boat managed to descend to 186 feet before the DM caught her up and stuck some air in her jacket ! She's luck ...
22 April Saturday, 8:28 PM
Question - Hi, every time i dive i can clear perfectly fine until i reach 15 m (45 feet). then it is almost impossible to clear, but if i ease down extremely ...
i do have "surfers ear", from years spent in cold water, but my ear canals are still open.
22 April Saturday, 8:28 PM
Question - HI, my boyfriend wants to learn to dive. He has been partially deaf since birth with a condition called bilateral nerve deafness with ski slope he ...
22 April Saturday, 8:28 PM
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