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This not an emergency service, in case of a diving incident, please contact your local Coastguard, nearest recompression chamber or emergency services.

All questions are answered by Dr Oliver Firth, one of the doctors at the London Diving Chamber. Dr Firth has had a wide variety of experience as a doctor in both the UK and Australia. He writes regularly for ‘Sport Diver’ Magazine and gives talk on hyperbaric medicine.

Because of the confidential and sensitive nature of advice given in the medical forum, questions DO NOT post direct to the forum page but are sent to the doctor for his comment and reply. Once a reply has been sent, both the question and answer will post to the forum page.

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Question - Malaria medication for West Papua/Irian Jaya. I have just e-mailed this to too so you really only need to answer me once! I am n ...
Norethisterone 5mg/daily I will be taking Norethisterone for the entire time I'm away (starting 3days before departure). My periods are irre ...
28 October Tuesday, 9:58 AM
Question - hi there, in february 2008 a small aneurysm 1-2mm (a carotico-ophthalmic one) in my brain was detected during a cerebral angiogram which was done ...
7 October Tuesday, 3:37 PM
Question - I recently had a heart attack I have been stated as fit to dive by the consultant. He said i should take Viazem instead of Bisoprolol, I have retu ...
I also take ramipril, simvastatin, clopidogrel and aspirin. Would it be possible to have a search on the forum so you could find related questions ...
30 September Tuesday, 2:09 PM
Question - hi doc can you explain what is required by HSE in regards to "expert assessment and possibly further investigations " of a diver candidate with ...
24 September Wednesday, 2:20 PM
Question - October 2007 I completed a series of 10 dives whilst on holiday. Dive #9 was a deep dive to a wreck at 145 feet. This was the deepest dive I have ...
22 September Monday, 3:30 PM
Question - Hi doc..... my girlfriend has a deviated septum (which didnt affect diving) and is soon having the operation to shave the inside of her nose to ma ...
27 August Wednesday, 10:57 AM
Question - hi doc,i am just about to be medically discharged from the army were i served as a royal engineer as a result of a broken arm i was classed as a d ...
26 August Tuesday, 4:28 PM
Question - Hi Doc, in 1992 i was diagnosed with polycythemia, too many red blood cells, im 50 now. I Have located a dive doctor in liverpool who I plan on s ...
4 August Monday, 12:04 PM
Question - i am going on holiday to turkey in september and i need to get a dive medical done i am living in crawley west sussex and would like to have a me ...
23 July Wednesday, 5:47 PM
Question - Hi Doc, I had an operation last year on my nose to widen my passageways because I had alot of problems breathing through it. Would this operation ...
23 July Wednesday, 4:39 PM
Question - Any idea where the closest Diving doc is to cornwall?many thanks
16 July Wednesday, 5:23 PM
Question - Evening Doc i have just recently come back from egypt and had partaken in some beginners diving and my ears wouldn't pop! But i am so interest ...
11 July Friday, 3:48 PM
Question - Hi doc, Just a quick question. I'm thinking of becomeing a commercial diver, and was just wondering what is involved in the medical I.E What tests ...
30 June Monday, 12:28 PM
Question - Our son aged 13 has supra -ventricular tachycardia and occasionally has episodes of extreme rapid heartbeat which are sometimes controlled by putt ...
A few years ago he completed a short PADI beginners course and wants to go on to do his open water course. This was before we had fully understoo ...
22 June Sunday, 12:23 PM
Question - Hey. I went on my first dive holiday back in Nov, after doing all the open water training. The deepest i went was 18m and that was the first tim ...
16 June Monday, 12:58 PM
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