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All questions are answered by Dr Oliver Firth, one of the doctors at the London Diving Chamber. Dr Firth has had a wide variety of experience as a doctor in both the UK and Australia. He writes regularly for ‘Sport Diver’ Magazine and gives talk on hyperbaric medicine.

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Question - Indirect Inguinal Hernial - just diagnosed and holiday in 4 weeks HELP
Hi, I have my dream dive holiday booked to go to Borneo to dive at the famous Sipadan in 4 weeks time - I an 37, thought I had pulled a muscle but ...
18 March Monday, 4:56 PM
Question - Is it safe to dive following non-diving related pulmonary embolus?
Hello, I was wondering what the guidelines were with regards to diving following pulmonary embolus? I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with bilater ...
18 March Monday, 10:20 AM
Question - hi I really want to dive, but I have mild asthma. I am happy to get a medical, but perhaps I am wasting my time from the outset. I have excercise ...
Hi sorry to ask this question as I am sure it is asked every week. However I cannot find a search function
18 March Monday, 6:17 AM
Question - How long after sinus surgery can I dive?
Hello all, I am hoping for some advice. I have (after a long wait) been given a date for sinus surgery. I cannot wait :) I know that everyo ...
15 March Friday, 11:29 PM
Question - Hello , Something very strange happened to me. I was spearfishing for more than 3 hours,While i was in the water i swalloed some sea water, and wh ...
This thing happened to me twice, the first time i ate yogurt , the second -some sandwich (the outcome was the same).I dont pee in my wet suit so i ...
14 March Thursday, 6:28 PM
Question - Question Posted : Today, 2016 hi I really want to dive, but I have mild asthma. I am happy to get a medical, but perhaps I am wasting my time f ...
13 March Wednesday, 12:43 PM
Question - Hi Back in April 2013 I had a motorbike accident. I broke 3 ribs and punctured my lung. I was placed on Morphine to enable me to breathe properly ...
12 March Tuesday, 5:38 PM
Question - Diving after c5 and c6 surgery
HI, I lost the use of my arms and had surgery to remove the disk at c5 and c6 they inserted a spacer and plat and screws this was in September 20 ...
12 March Tuesday, 4:46 PM
Question - Why do we not impose mandatory medicals for ALL divers just as I have recently experienced in the Canaries. This cost 20 Euros and was reasonably ...
11 March Monday, 10:26 PM
Question - I have been off work as I was diagnosed with stress and mild depression caused through bullying and harassment at work I was diagnosed in November ...
I have been going to the pool. Sessions as I am doing my dice master idealise that there is no great depth at the pool therefore not exposed to pr ...
7 March Thursday, 1:56 PM
Question - Medical clearance for recreational diving
I have had medical clearance to dive up to 30 m each year from 2007 onwards following a CABG in 2005. On seeking renewal I was told that my GP do ...
5 March Tuesday, 5:32 PM
Question - Would I be able to learn to dive after an atticotomy?
Hi, I was wondering if the fact that I have had an atticotomy performed on my left ear would exclude me from learning to dive. the op was perform ...
4 March Monday, 1:01 AM
Question - I am now injecting Enbrel for psioartic arthritis is it safe to dive
27 February Wednesday, 8:22 PM
Question - Question about hayfever,allergies and equalizing? I have been diving for a litle over a year and I always struggle to equialize and end up aborti ...
22 February Friday, 5:07 AM
Question - Hoping for advice... I have only dived once, but had issues with my ears. Although I'm keen to try again I am worried about causing myself an injury.
In 2010 I did an introductory dive, down to about 10 metres. I had issues popping my ears, so was advised by the instructor to hold onto the line ...
20 February Wednesday, 11:22 AM
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