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Welcome to the Conservation forum area. This area is not meant for commercial plugs, please - unless replying to a specific query - do not use this forum for commercial gain as those posts will be deleted, thanks!
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Diving in the Maldives
Hello everybody, Wonder if any of you have been diving in the Maldives? I will be going to the Ari Atoll. Have heard that diving in the Ma ...
21 February Wednesday, 12:20 PM
by Dan
Want to help save fish stocks around the UK?
Well, now you have the opportunity, to petition the prime minister directly, in an open petition that will remain open for one year. And if you gu ...
23 November Thursday, 8:09 PM
by Fishyrob
Your veiws
I am new to diving and I went out on my first sea dive on the 27th,(didnt actually go down was seasick) But the group I was diving with all went d ...
29 August Tuesday, 12:45 PM
by Andyroo67
Government U-turn threatens Lyme Bay reefs
The Government has said a lot of fine words recently about the need to protect the marine environment. But when faced with a golden opportunity to ...
Lisa Browning
29 August Tuesday, 12:15 PM
by Lisa Browning
Marine Reserves - will diving be banned?
Im surprised by the reaction of my fellow divers and the diving press to the Marine Bill that the Government is currently drafting. Divers ar ...
Lisa Browning
29 August Tuesday, 10:05 AM
by LewisB
Volunteering Gone Bad?
I have copied this e-mail from elsewhere in the forum and want to use it to highlight an issue. The below e-mail (written by Pippa, I hope you don ...
8 August Tuesday, 2:59 PM
by Matthew
Whale Sharks and Manta Rays
Fancy diving with the world's largest fish? Whale Sharks are becoming increasingly rare and the chance to scuba dive alongside them is a real priv ...
Beth C
8 August Tuesday, 2:23 PM
by Beth C
URGENT: request for action
Today (23rd June) is the closing date for the UK Government's consultation on a new Marine Bill. The Bill could provide much needed protection for ...
Lisa Browning
23 June Friday, 12:40 PM
by Lisa Browning
Bubble trouble
bet as divers you are all aware that it is inadvisable to touch corals on reefs. I also bet that most of you know this is because you may damage ...
19 June Monday, 8:46 AM
by Bert van der Togt
Cornwall - threat to eel grass beds
Dear Friends, For those of you that dive regularly in Cornwall and particularly around the far west such as Penzance. MDL Developments Ltd wa ...
11 April Tuesday, 12:47 PM
by Kingfisher
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