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Welcome to the Conservation forum area. This area is not meant for commercial plugs, please - unless replying to a specific query - do not use this forum for commercial gain as those posts will be deleted, thanks!
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Diver urgently need for Costa Rica Expedition
Hello all, Raleigh International urgently needs a dive instructor, dive master and/or boat handler for its expedition to Costa Rica, leaving on ...
Raleigh International
27 April Monday, 3:03 PM
by hotshot@22
Make a difference - stop shark finning!!
Please review this site and sign the petition: thank you
10 April Friday, 4:59 AM
by Jacobsen22
cressi archimede ii
please read m posting in EQUIPEMENT
jon w
21 February Saturday, 10:38 AM
by jon w
Diving in Lyme Bay
Dear Diver You may be aware that on the 11 July last year, the UK government closed sixty square miles of Lyme Bay to boats using scallop dredg ...
14 January Wednesday, 8:24 AM
by Sian
Turtle Conservation Malaysia
the turtles of malaysia are declining very quickly with the leatherbacks nearly extinct! I am working on a project which has three phases to addr ...
turtle dan
21 November Friday, 12:09 PM
by turtle dan
Whaleshark in captivity in Dubai
I am appalled that a whaleshark caught in September still remains in captivity at Atlantis Hotel, Dubai. These animals are totally unsuitable for ...
21 November Friday, 3:14 AM
by Ikan
Save Lyme Bay Reefs - Your chance to help
For the last 16 years Devon Wildlife Trust has been campaigning to save lyme bay reefs from scallop dredgers. Thankfully Defra have launched a con ...
DEvon WT
27 October Monday, 7:04 AM
by DEvon WT
Petchey Scholars helping Conserve in the Philippines
Dear Divers, Coral Cay Conservation is looking for support in kind from divers in the UK and Southern Philippines to help with our 2008 Coral ...
16 July Wednesday, 11:25 AM
by Petem
I'm new at this, can someone help?
I need to show this led finger light with a white background. But the light needs to be on and show a little color on that white background. I ...
9 July Wednesday, 9:00 PM
by laker
Survey of Use of Welsh Waters by Divers
Bangor University is conducting a questionnaire survey among divers to highlight the importance of recreational diving. This project is being fund ...
29 May Thursday, 6:35 AM
by Ana
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