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Welcome to the Learn to Dive Forum, a place where you can ask other divers, experienced and novices, about learning to dive, the costs and any tips they may have.This area is not meant for commercial plugs, please - unless replying to a specific query do not use this forum for commercial gain as those posts will be deleted, thanks!
Last Post
Learn to dive in London If you have had a bad experience but what liek to try again with patient, professional instructor please send me an em ...
12 April Thursday, 2:33 PM
by Jon Harvey
Scuba Diving Hand Signals - Learning to Scuba Dive
Scuba diving hand signals are vital information for all scuba divers and all beginners are recommended to learn them. Knowing your hand signals wh ...
25 March Sunday, 3:55 PM
by GordonPeters
Divers Cove
Coming soon!! Divers Cove is a new Scuba Diving Venue located in Godstone, Surrey just off Junction 6 of M25. The 7 acre lake is 27 foot deep and ...
Divers Cove
19 January Thursday, 4:48 AM
by Divers Cove
Diving apprenticeships in Devon, UK
Hi, I am very keen to start a career in marine conservation, but first I would like to gain my diving qualifications. At the moment I am restricte ...
13 January Friday, 11:21 AM
by Abi_colton
Career Paths within Scuba Diving.
Hello, I am a PADI Open Water diver and have decided that i would love to become a full-time scuba diver. I understand i will have to work my ...
29 December Thursday, 3:54 AM
by ahPlaid
PADI Open Water Dives Dive Buddy - Malta
I have recently completed my confined water dives for my PADI Open Water Diver Course. I am planning to go to Malta early next year to complete th ...
11 December Sunday, 3:11 PM
by Luton_Diver
Shark enounter dive voucher for sale! Perfect for beginners!
Hi! I bought a dive voucher for my husband but he can't use it so I'm selling it. The voucher is worth 205. Voucher is valid until 23.12.2011 ...
21 October Friday, 1:22 AM
by xaren
Commercial Diving Training
Hi, Its probably been asked a million times, but does anyone have info on sourcing funding or gaining a scholarship to attend a Commercial diving ...
17 October Monday, 10:45 AM
by theborg38
Nottingham Dive schools
I have seen quite a few dive schools around the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire area and just wondering if anyone has any particular reviews or rec ...
17 October Monday, 7:09 AM
by simonp83
Malta v/s Gozo beginner
Hi, I am going to be doing my PADI open water beginner and wanted advice on choosing between Malta and Gozo. I will be solo on the course but w ...
13 October Thursday, 4:54 PM
by da288
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