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Welcome to Wreck forum. This area is for divers talking about Wreck diving, please do not use it for commercial plugs - unless replying to a specific query - as those posts will be deleted, thank you!
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Um El Faroud-Malta
The Um El Faroud in Malta is a semi-deep wreck dive,its a 3,147 gross ton tanker that was scuttled on the 2nd sept 1998.She down at 35m and sits u ...
23 October Sunday, 10:51 AM
by diver01
D-Day wrecks
Anyone interested in diving D-Day wrecks Normandy please contact Ian on
12 October Wednesday, 8:56 PM
by scuba66
HMS Grive - Dunkirk
Hi, back in 2001 there was some correspondence regarding HMS Grive that was sunk at Dunkirk. (Found it via google). I know where the wreck is, how ...
22 September Thursday, 10:58 PM
by JPF
Europa, Cloch Point, Cylde
Doea anyone know if this wreck is divable from the shore? Or if anyone local has a rib and wouldn't mind bringing a couple of divers out
Dave t
22 September Thursday, 1:02 PM
by Dave t
cannon balls Bovisand Bay
Does anyone know the age / History with these?? Raised one today and have it in fresh water now in the garden. Believe they were fired for practic ...
3 September Saturday, 5:59 PM
by TrisRD
wreck of coolidge
divers who have not yet seen this 660ft wreck in Vanuatu get down to see it before she rusts away
nifty g
28 August Sunday, 1:40 AM
by nifty g
Scapa Flow Long Weekends
Divers seeking an alternative Scottish Weekend will be delighted to hear that North Link Ferries have made the option of a long weekend in Scapa F ...
8 August Monday, 5:20 PM
by Webmaster
great wrecks of truk
i have made 5 trips to this location.The wreck diving is awsome Just to wet your ap.Nipo Maru San Fransisco Maru are 2 fab dives No current 30d w ...
nifty g
8 August Monday, 2:18 AM
by nifty g
The George Locket
would anyone with information regarding the george locket please post here as i am trying to get some history behind this wreck. Local to ilfraco ...
jason till
26 July Tuesday, 1:19 AM
by jason till
Wrecks to snorkell from shore
Does anybody know any wrecks that can be snorkelled from shore on the south coast. Preferrably Dorset area? I fancy an adventurous snorkel but I ...
13 July Wednesday, 1:57 PM
by DJ
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