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Posted : July 23, 2018
How do people see the commercial diving job market going in the next few years? more jobs, less jobs? I want to do my training but Im between first doing an engineering stint with the merchant navy and then diversifying, but, really want to get into nicely paid work ASAP. Good prospects right now and next 20 years for divers?

Posted : August 24, 2018
The Oil & Gas sector has been challenging due to current market conditions but there is still other sectors like renewable energy, decommissioning, underwater inspection, civil diving and fish-farms all looking for divers. We do expect over the next few years that all sectors will be booming again and that the Industry and opportunities will continue to grow.

During training we run a CV session on how to apply for work along with a database for Company contactís Worldwide. We also list any jobs received on our Facebook page and then send to only our graduated students. You still need to be proactive and send out your CV, search for contracts announced to apply at the correct times and network while on course. We also offer student support on completion of course if any further advice / help is required.
Answer provided by Ali MacLeod, The Underwater Centre

Ali MacLeod
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