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Posted : April 20, 2016
Thinking of doing a commercial diving course and looking for advice?

I have recently graduated with a masters degree in renewable energy and a bachelors degree in civil and coastal engineering and am thinking of going into commercial diving. I am currently certified as a recreational diver but wish to take this further. I am a hands on person with experience working as a labourer and currently work as a coasteering instructor. What are the job prospects as a newly qualified HSE diver? Am I likely to find work with just the HSE Scuba qualification or would I require more? Is it possible to secure a job before committing to the diving course?
Posted : September 29, 2016
Having a degree in renewables and also a bachelors in civil and coastal engineering is a great background to then combine with the commercial diving qualifications. You also mentioned your hands on experience which is great as the companies like candidates who are used to working with tools etc. Having all that background will certainly stand you in good stead when it comes to working in the industry and tick a lot of the boxes.
There is a big renewable energy project on the East coast called the Hornsea 1 project and predictions of another 14 wind farms between now and 2020 which is great.
Have a look at the industry news on our website under the Blog post section as this will give you lots of info on types of work available and also look at previous students so you can see the backgrounds of other student who have gone on to find employment in various sectors f the industry whether it is in civil, renewables, salvage or inspection work.
Good Luck Ali
Answer provided by Ali MacLeod, The Underwater Centre

Ali MacLeod
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