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Posted : February 12, 2016
I am seriously considering starting a new career as a commercial diver, however i will be 39 years old by the time i complete my training. Am i wasting my time? Realistically, what are the chances of a 40 year old newly qualified commercial diver getting hired and earni g a living? Im ex military medic and currently work in close protection in Iraq.

Posted : February 15, 2016
From your brief email it sounds like you already have relevant experience and skills on your CV that, along with the HSE commercial diver certificates, would be beneficial to offer a prospective employer. At the age of 39 I would suggest that if you are in good physical condition, have no major health issues and a good work ethic, then many companies would seek a mature worker as oppose to a younger, less experienced one.
As far as opportunities as a commercial diver go then there is no doubt that the fall in oil prices is delaying investment plans, however, as I have said before on this forum, there are new opportunities emerging in other fields:
1. The renewables sector is expanding rapidly; last year saw the busiest year yet and there are many new offshore wind developments taking place, for example the new Hornsea One Project from DONG Energy. Take a look at the articles and jobs in Offshore Wind Energy Today which can be read online.
2. As decommissioning of oil rigs in the North Sea continues the marine salvage industry is going from strength to strength. Read more about current projects at A recent report form Douglas Westwood also predicts a decommissioning boom; read the full article at
3. New jetty developments which have been approved and are underway for example at LBC Rotterdam and also closer to home at Lerwick Port. There’s also the Bantry Harbor Development Project.
If you are determined and focused to work in the commercial diving industry you will discover there are many more opportunities than the media would lead you to believe. If you complete a course that ensures you gain valuable certificates and gain hands on experience in skills such as Subsea Tools Training; Welding & Burning, Rigging & Slinging; and Bolt Tensioning certification you’ll find that this is the sort of thing that employers look for.
If you would like to contact one of our student advisors they will be happy to offer more advice: email
Good luck!
Answer provided by Alf Leadbitter, The Underwater Centre

Alf Leadbitter
Additional Comment

Posted : April 13, 2016 by - LDCDiver
Hi, have you looked into doing an ALST course at all as a first step? It could be a good way of meeting current commercial divers and contacts and seeing if fully entering the industry is going to work for you? I work at a hyperbaric chamber but we have a sister training school on site ( which is always full with commercial divers renewing their DMT etc and I know all the staff that run the courses are ex military or ex sat divers, call them for a chat or pop in even.

Hope that helps!
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