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Posted : August 6, 2015
Realistically what are the chances of finding work once completed course.
Hello, I am booked onto the commercial diving course in November at the underwater centre, I have been speaking with an ex diver who is still in the oil and gas industry and in the loop, he has been keeping me up to date with what's happening since the drop in oil prices and by the sounds of things there are a lot of divers losing they're jobs, saturation as well as air divers. I'd imagine this will have a knock on affect on inshore air diving as these guys with years of experience are more likely to get work over a fresh out of a course trainee. I am Aberdeen based and a welder to trade but in reality, what are the chances of finding work if I decide to commit to the course and pay all that money? All and any advice would be much appreciated.


Posted : February 10, 2016
As you will have seen us mention in another post on this forum the fall in oil prices is delaying investment plans however there are new opportunities emerging in other fields:
1. The renewables sector is expanding rapidly; last year saw the busiest year yet and there are many new offshore wind developments taking place for example the new Hornsea One Project from DONG Energy. Take a look at the articles and jobs in Offshore Wind Energy Today which can be read online.
2. As decommissioning of oil rigs in the North Sea continues the marine salvage industry is going from strength to strength.
3. New jetty developments which have been approved and are underway for example at LBC Rotterdam and also closer to home at Lerwick Port. There’s also the Bantry Harbor Development Project.
As you are already an experienced welder and you are determined and focused to work in the diving industry, you will discover there are many more opportunities than newspapers would lead you to believe. Good luck, and should you require any further information, get in touch with our Instructors or Student Advisers by calling +441397 703786 or email
Answer provided by Alf Leadbitter, The Underwater Centre

Alf Leadbitter
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