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Posted : May 26, 2015
UK and EU work
Hi how you doing? My names warwick and my question is;
I have a few small things holding me back when it comes to working in far away places like Africa, Egypt and the east. This is mainly dew to the fact i dont cope well in hot climates. I have interests in seeing the world like this career move offers, but not in the areas mentioned. Cold or reasonable climates are fine. What interests me about his career move is the day to day challenges and work place. if you could shed some light on this area it would be much appreciated as im looking at booking an hse medical soon and would like to know what the implications of this matter is wit regards to a successful employment and a career.
Posted : June 2, 2015
If you are based in the UK there are certainly plenty of opportunities here where you won’t need to worry about the weather conditions being too hot. There are many sectors to the commercial diving industry so you could end up working in fish farms and shell fish diving or get into inshore civils where there are a lot more areas to explore including working in harbours and damns, canals underwater inspections work and welding jobs. It is worth looking at the renewable energy sector too as companies use commercial divers for cable installations and inspection work, and this is certainly a growing industry.
In general offshore work can be worldwide and there is a huge variation on types of work that can be undertaken depending on the company and area in which they operate. Rates of pay can vary a lot too.
You could also take a look at some of the case studies on The Underwater Centre’s website;
Answer provided by Ali MacLeod, The Underwater Centre

Ali MacLeod
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