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Posted : December 12, 2014
I was looking into a career in commercial diving, but was wondering if there are any apprenticeships available ( being only 18 years of age ) or if there are any key trades that are especially sought for in this occupation. Having passed my Advance Deep dive PADI specialty, i began to realize this job would be the one for me.
Kieran Ross.

Hi Kieran, its a good career, offering a great deal of job satisfaction for many, as well as the opportunity to travel and of course be well paid!

At the moment the majority of people enter the industry by self-funding through the necessary training. The key trade of any commercial diver is primarily construction if you can get practical experience working in that industry before doing your commercial diver training then that will definitely help.

To work in the UK you need to have HSE certification, and this is also recognised globally, so will allow you to work anywhere in the world. As well as giving you the necessary HSE qualifications for both inshore and offshore diving, the training at The Underwater Centre also includes subsea tools training throughout the HSE training, ensuring you have a good grounding in the basic construction skills required to work successfully as a commercial diver. If youd like more information then contact our Student Advisors on

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