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All questions are answered by Alf Leadbitter, Dive Training Manager or Ali MacLeod Assistant Dive Training Manager at The Underwater Centre. Now a commercial instructor Alf has 15 years experience as a commercial diver where he worked his way up to Sat Diving Supervisor and Oil Company Rep. Ali has been diving for 16 years and is a qualified Diver, Dive Supervisor and Diver Medic. The Underwater Centre is the only centre to offer all the HSE commercial diving qualifications from Scuba to Closed Bell (Saturation Diving) as well as industry tailored skills courses, Diver Medic courses and Assistant Life Support Technician courses.

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Question - Hello, My name is John, I am currently 1st mate on yacht in Nigeria. I have been living and working here for 4 years. Now I want a career change ...
6 June Monday, 9:51 PM
Question - Hi, I am a 27 year old Paramedic (with no offshore experience) considering a career change to become an ALST then hopefully an LST provided I work ...
26 April Tuesday, 6:54 PM
Question - I want to learn of the must have tickets to work offshore as a diver welder. I appreciate it's a difficult sector to break into but am very keen. ...
16 March Wednesday, 3:55 PM
Question - Hi I have been considering a carrier change from mechanincal design engineer to a commercial diver. Currently I'm reading all the pros. and cons f ...
16 March Wednesday, 3:54 PM
Question - Any advice welcome- entering the world of commercial diving?
Hi! I am a 3rd mate in the UK merchant navy currently working on small oil and product tankers. For a while now I have been contemplating a ch ...
21 January Friday, 4:49 PM
Question - hello,i am a 23 yr old and want to follow a career in diving,offshore is the goal. but finding it hard to gain info or anyone to talk to. i cant a ...
if you have any info that would be useful please share!
14 January Friday, 3:58 PM
Question - In-shore/off-shore Job situation in the UK
Hi there Alf I am a imca class 2 certified air diver currently working on the in-shore scene in new zealand. I have gained a lot of experien ...
14 January Friday, 3:58 PM
Question - Hi i am very interested in becoming commercial diver. i have 13 yrs experience as a fabricator/welder. can you tell me if my work background count ...
18 November Thursday, 9:10 AM
Question - I am 29 years old coming from a background of working wthin the financial sector and would like to start a new career in commercial diving if its ...
I have been looking through some other posts dating back to August 2007 which are similar to mine and there are some very different comments about ...
18 November Thursday, 9:10 AM
Question - Hello name is Joana and I'm looking for information about commercial diving in the U.K because My boyfriend wants to improve his knowledge as a co ...
His training done is: "Tecnico en buzeo a mediana profundida",From Ministry of Development-Spain .he has been certificate in the International Co ...
12 November Friday, 1:36 PM
Question - Hello my names is Joana,I'm looking for some advice about working as a commercial diver in UK.My boyfriend has a lot of courses done here in Spain ...
12 November Friday, 11:49 AM
Question - Alf/Ali. I am looking at going over to Seadog diving school in Saldanha Bay South Africa to do the 12 week commercial diver training course in Jan ...
8 November Monday, 11:48 AM
Question - Requirment for divers with welding certificate (not coded welding)
8 November Monday, 11:29 AM
Question - Hi there Ive was in the Royal Navy for just over 2 years, but came out due to severe depression whilst I was in I gained an NVQ leavel 2 in engine ...
5 November Friday, 9:28 AM
Question - new enterant to commercial diveing
i currently hold a ENG1 seafarers medical and i am wondering as i ware glasses would this as a rule affect my ability to dive.
5 November Friday, 9:23 AM
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