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All questions are answered by Alf Leadbitter, Dive Training Manager or Ali MacLeod Assistant Dive Training Manager at The Underwater Centre. Now a commercial instructor Alf has 15 years experience as a commercial diver where he worked his way up to Sat Diving Supervisor and Oil Company Rep. Ali has been diving for 16 years and is a qualified Diver, Dive Supervisor and Diver Medic. The Underwater Centre is the only centre to offer all the HSE commercial diving qualifications from Scuba to Closed Bell (Saturation Diving) as well as industry tailored skills courses, Diver Medic courses and Assistant Life Support Technician courses.

Questions posted to the Commercial Diving Q & A forum page are sent to the Underwater Centre for comment and reply. Once a reply has been sent, both the question and answer will post to the forum page.

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Question - Industry experience, Diving literature & Living in a campervan?!
Hi all, My names Mike, I'm a 21 y/o sociology student from Brighton. I plan to take a premium industry commercial diving course in potentially ...
9 January Thursday, 10:03 PM
Question - commercial diving Cork
Hi guys, do you konw if there are any diving company in Cork ? Could you help me ? Thanks a million
25 November Monday, 10:27 AM
Question - I'm going to graduate this year in Energy Engineering, and I wish a career in offshore and subsea engineering. Since diving is a relevant part of ...
25 November Monday, 10:27 AM
Question - there are 2 diving courses i am interested in, the underwater centre and professional diving academy, (premium courses), i was wondering if any co ...
13 November Wednesday, 12:06 PM
Question - Hi there, at the moment I am working as a carpenter but would like to get into commercial diving. My plan is to start by doing the Commercial SCUB ...
12 October Saturday, 8:09 AM
Question - Age and new to this game.
Hi i was looking for some advice on a few questions i have regarding diving as a career. I am at present a welder with 13 years experiance in the ...
29 August Thursday, 11:46 AM
Question - Hi, This question has been posted on a few forums before, but I couldn't find anything specific or recent about becoming a 'dive tender' which ...
12 April Friday, 9:44 AM
Question - Hello, thank you in advance for your help. I'm a time served pipe fitter welder specialising in T.I.G welding. I'm interested in becoming a deep ...
26 March Tuesday, 3:01 PM
Question - Hi My name is Niklas and Im from Sweden. I currently work as a diver apprentice for a swedish company. This is an apprenticship that will lead t ...
26 March Tuesday, 11:18 AM
Question - Hello. I am a former diver in the Navy, and I just finished the commercial diver course. Does anybody know some job opportunities ?
As previous experience, I was a welder an d fitter in a Shipyard, and I have some construction knowledge as well.
21 January Monday, 3:55 PM
Question - Hi all ,i am new to commercial diving I done commercial scuba i got 300+ diving hours in Romania now i wana try my luck in Uk can anyone gimme som ...
21 January Monday, 3:55 PM
Question - Hi my name is Mark,i 've been interested in ind diving since i was young,and was wanting to know if their is an alternative way of funding my trai ...
21 January Monday, 3:54 PM
Question - Hi Im a type 1 diabetic and i was just enquiring to see if i'd be able to undertake training as a commercial diver and if i'd have a good chan ...
11 September Tuesday, 4:43 PM
Question - Hi - I'm crying out for a career change from my incredibly soul destroying office job and thinking about a career in diving, having looked aound a ...
11 September Tuesday, 4:42 PM
Question - hi everyone, my name is Abubakar Bashir, an african from Nigeria. my reason for writing to this highly respected and professional forum, is to ...
23 July Monday, 11:10 AM
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