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All questions are answered by Alf Leadbitter, Dive Training Manager or Ali MacLeod Assistant Dive Training Manager at The Underwater Centre. Now a commercial instructor Alf has 15 years experience as a commercial diver where he worked his way up to Sat Diving Supervisor and Oil Company Rep. Ali has been diving for 16 years and is a qualified Diver, Dive Supervisor and Diver Medic. The Underwater Centre is the only centre to offer all the HSE commercial diving qualifications from Scuba to Closed Bell (Saturation Diving) as well as industry tailored skills courses, Diver Medic courses and Assistant Life Support Technician courses.

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Question - Hi, I was looking into a career in commercial diving, but was wondering if there are any apprenticeships available ( being only 18 years of age ) ...
Hi Kieran, its a good career, offering a great deal of job satisfaction for many, as well as the opportunity to travel and of course be well pa ...
12 December Friday, 10:39 AM
Question - Question - how do i get my self started?!
Hi, i currently have graduated from a commercial diving school and recieved the ADCI open water/tender certificate and the korean issued commerica ...
12 December Friday, 10:39 AM
Question - 20 year old UK seeking advice on a start in the commercial diving industry.
Hello everyone, the title is pretty self explanatory really. I'm located in the south west of the United Kingdom and I'm in need of some specific ...
12 December Friday, 10:37 AM
Question - Can anyone give me there experiences of being new to the industry? What do I look for? How high do I aim for the first year or two? What training ...
Hi everyone, new to this and I would like some info on the industry. I'm hoping to get into the industry within the next year or so. I'm already a ...
29 October Wednesday, 4:19 PM
Question - I would like to know which is the best method to perform surface preparation of a pipeline which needs to be repaired. The coating we want to remo ...
The pipeline is located in Ecuador, South America
1 September Monday, 1:27 PM
Question - Are there any specific skills that diving contractors are in short supply of.
I am 25 looking to become a commercial diver and just trying to gather as much information as possible. I have been a recreational instructor for ...
28 August Thursday, 10:48 AM
Question - How can I be a commercial diver if I wear glasses? Are there some sort of special glasses you can wear in a kirby morgan helmet or do I rely on th ...
Hi, I'm 16 and it has been my dream since I can remember to work as a diver in some way and then I finally decided I would love to work towards on ...
28 August Thursday, 10:44 AM
Question - Hi, I am a 23 year old young man, who is considering training in Scotland. I have my Padi Open Water license and have previous work exp in lab ...
28 August Thursday, 10:41 AM
Question - I would like to know the opinion of people about the NYD school in Norway
I am new to the industry and looking to and looking to attend the NYD school for my training and would like the ground truth from people who have ...
28 August Thursday, 10:40 AM
Question - Hi there, I am a 24 year old female. I have my rescue divers certification and was looking at getting into commercial diving as a career. Due to t ...
28 August Thursday, 10:38 AM
Question - Career advice and living abroad. Hello, I am considering a career change into commercial diving. I have no previous experience in manual labor (I ...
28 August Thursday, 10:33 AM
Question - Is there any way I can do the commercial diving courses without having the money up front??
I am a 25 year old male and have been looking at doing commercial diving. I am a padi divemaster and have worked in construction since I left scho ...
8 May Thursday, 9:57 PM
Question - I'm a 28yr old serving prison officer but feel the time is right for a change. Commercial diving seems quite appealing to me but i have no trades ...
3 March Monday, 9:57 AM
Question - hello, i am currently in the army and have been for 8 years. i am looking at leaving soon and taking up a new career. Do you know if any of the t ...
10 February Monday, 9:21 PM
Question - work????
can anyone tell me how long after doing your training it took you to get ur fist jobs and how many days work and pay etc-any info would be welcome
21 January Tuesday, 5:01 PM
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