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All questions are answered by Alf Leadbitter, Dive Training Manager or Ali MacLeod Assistant Dive Training Manager at The Underwater Centre. Now a commercial instructor Alf has 15 years experience as a commercial diver where he worked his way up to Sat Diving Supervisor and Oil Company Rep. Ali has been diving for 16 years and is a qualified Diver, Dive Supervisor and Diver Medic. The Underwater Centre is the only centre to offer all the HSE commercial diving qualifications from Scuba to Closed Bell (Saturation Diving) as well as industry tailored skills courses, Diver Medic courses and Assistant Life Support Technician courses.

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Question - How do people see the commercial diving job market going in the next few years? more jobs, less jobs? I want to do my training but Im between firs ...
24 August Friday, 1:57 PM
Question - Hi everybody! Iím Riccardo from Italy Iím 36 years old ! Iím thinking to do the premium industry package in Fort Williams for will be a commercial ...
21 May Monday, 8:59 AM
Question - Re. Old posts regarding Strongwork Diving, are any ex employees, eg Jon Rayner, members of this group please?
I worked for Strongwork Diving from the North Baddesley yard in the early 1970s.
17 September Sunday, 10:00 PM
Question - Hi, Thinking of doing a commercial diving course and looking for advice?
I have recently graduated with a masters degree in renewable energy and a bachelors degree in civil and coastal engineering and am thinking of goi ...
29 September Thursday, 3:01 PM
Question - Are there many Commercial Diving opportunities in London for a ADAS Level 3 Diver moving from Australia to the UK??
Been in the commercial diving Industry for 4 years. Really enjoy it. Planning to move to London. Wanting to know how easy it is to change Qualific ...
29 September Thursday, 3:00 PM
Question - I have recently been made redundant and as there is not a lot of job opportunitys in the job market these days that pay well i thinking about doin ...
6 July Wednesday, 4:23 AM
Question - Im currently serving in the Army and have done so since 2008. I am looking at a career change and seriously considering a career as a commercial d ...
23 May Monday, 9:32 AM
Question - I am seriously considering starting a new career as a commercial diver, however i will be 39 years old by the time i complete my training. Am i wa ...
13 April Wednesday, 12:56 PM
Question - Hi my names Jordan, I'm 23 years old and I am extremely interested in becoming a commercial diver. From a young age I have always been a hands o ...
25 February Thursday, 2:48 PM
Question - I am ADAS Part 2 Diver and Technician living in London. I eager to get any work I can.
I am contactable on my email I would like to know if there are any recruitment agencies here for the industry or could be po ...
11 February Thursday, 8:24 AM
Question - Looking to change career path and needing advice
I am looking to get into commercial diving and am looking for some advice. I have been a chef for 17 years and currently own a restaurant in the ...
10 February Wednesday, 11:23 AM
Question - Realistically what are the chances of finding work once completed course.
Hello, I am booked onto the commercial diving course in November at the underwater centre, I have been speaking with an ex diver who is still in t ...
10 February Wednesday, 11:21 AM
Question - can i work in UK/EU after course?
hello, im 21 from india, i just finished my mechanical engineering degree, im much intrested to take my career in commercial diving. since i foun ...
15 June Monday, 10:57 AM
Question - UK and EU work
Hi how you doing? My names warwick and my question is; I have a few small things holding me back when it comes to working in far away places like ...
2 June Tuesday, 4:16 PM
Question - Am I making a wise decision?
Hi there, I'm 20 years old and am currently a supervisor, I'm really not liking my job at the moment and have always thought about diving as a ...
8 January Thursday, 9:12 AM
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