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posted : February 11, 2015 Post subject: Diving Cumbria
I am PADI Divemaster and would like buddy / s located in Cumbria area interested in all types of diving - I'll be diving weekends - happy to dive with any properly trained divers with all their own gear including drysuit

posted : February 13, 2015 Post subject: Diving Cumbria
HI I am a Dive Leader over 100 dives in the North sea, quarrys and blue water, would be interested, i have my own gear

posted : February 23, 2015 Post subject: Diving Cumbria
Hi - thanks for reply - are you a club or an individual? I would be interested in diving on the East coast but am just joining a Scotsac club over here and don't really want to spend out any more money on club fees elsewhere !


posted : February 24, 2015 Post subject: Diving Cumbria
Hi I am an individual willing to meet up for dives , I am a member of a club.

posted : February 25, 2015 Post subject: Diving Cumbria
Great - sounds good - I'm starting to plan my diving for the next months or so- I'll get back to you and see if we can get something sorted - thanks for getting back to me - Guy

posted : March 11, 2015 Post subject: Diving Cumbria
Hi i am a AOW diver looking for a Buddy, the Buddy i normally dive with has sold all his Gear now leaving me dry, cant dive every weekend

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