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posted : May 25, 2005 Post subject: Buddy Wanted
Kia Ora. I've recently moved to Warwickshire and would like to do some diving in the UK. Most of my 11 years diving has been in NZ and Aus. I don't have any gear with me as I've been backpacking for the past 12 months. When I do try and organise a dive I seem to hit a brick wall as I don't have a buddy. Hiring gear doesn't seem to be an issue, but if anyone is interested in hooking for a weekend of diving I'd love to hear from them. Cheers, Carole

posted : May 25, 2005 Post subject: Buddy Wanted
hi ny names tim, im 27 from manchester. i have been divind only for a year i learnt in thai land, if you would like a buddy,then im up for it,reply back either 01942 793123 or or 07967313596

posted : May 26, 2005 Post subject: Buddy Wanted
a group of us reularly dive at dosthill on weekends so if you want to organise your kit hire then we r up 4 it any Sunday and/or alternate Saturdays

400+dives logged a large proportion deco dives - no fatalities in the group yet [touch wood]

reply here or email to
[be prepared for a shock re temperature / viz ]

posted : May 27, 2005 Post subject: Buddy Wanted
Hi Carole, always looking for safe realiable buddies. Only been diving since oct 2004 but dived Dosthill and Stoney all winter, along with a few dives in Mexico and the Caribeen. Looking forward to completing AOW in a few weeks time and could do with getting wet a few times before that. You can contact me on 07891076187 if intrested. Cheers Steve.

posted : July 12, 2005 Post subject: Buddy Wanted
Hi Carole, I live in Warwickshire/West Midlands close to stoney cove and dosthill. Im an open water advanced padi and saa diver with about 70 dives in uk and overseas. I have equipment and transport and would love to do some dives over the summer as I'll be off work for 6 weeks. I like easy going safe, chilled out dives. Drop me a line if you fancy hooking up to dive.

posted : January 30, 2006 Post subject: Buddy Wanted
hi there hows the diving going in the uk?lol i'm a rookie with 4 dives under my belt!

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