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Richard 86
posted : March 24, 2010 Post subject: Vobster Dive Easter Sunday

Does anyone fancy a dive or two at vobster on Easter Sunday? Open to ideas what to dive, never been there before so looking for ideas. Anyone that wants to buddy up give me a shout.

Alsothinking about doing dive under Swanage Pier on 3rd April if anyone fancies it!

posted : March 31, 2010 Post subject: Vobster Dive Easter Sunday

I'm up for a couple of dives this Easter Sunday.
Just so we both know who we might be diving with, I'm a BSAC Ocean Diver [almost sports diver] , with around 100 dives and depth experience to about 35 meters over the last 4 years, mostly boat based sea dives I'm based in Wareham, Dorset.
Whats your dive agency/experience?



Richard 86
posted : March 31, 2010 Post subject: Vobster Dive Easter Sunday
Hello Dominic,

Thanks for the reply. I am just outside wareham (5 miles) and looking for a local dive buddy. I only have about 10 logged UK dives but a number of other dives in slightly more tropical waters (St Kitts and barbados) from when I was working on cruise ships. I havent dived fot a couple of years but have a couple of dives tomorrow and a couple of Saturday from a boat out of Portland. I am a PADI OW diver and doing advanced in a month or so. Give me a text on 07824778373 and we can arrange a dive.


posted : April 3, 2010 Post subject: Vobster Dive Easter Sunday
good luck to the both of you, I wouldn't want to dive with you.
1. A BSAC diver - diving beyond his qualification 35m + ??????? as an Ocean Diver, perhaps you should talk to your DO.
2. A diver with very little experience considering diving with the diver above.
Which of you has experience of Vobster?
Which of you has experience of Swanage Pier?
What are your rescue skills if any?
These are the reasons why people die when diving with in-experienced buddies.


Richard 86
posted : April 12, 2010 Post subject: Vobster Dive Easter Sunday
Hello Iain,

Thank you for your reply. The idea of Vobster was that there are no currents and a range of depths available. We have completed this dive with no problems and also a dive under Swanage pier.

As for Swanage pier this is a easy shallow dive which is very much suitable for beginners upwards (Hence the reason it is used for training).

I understand your concern but stress that safety is our number one priority!!!!

We can build on our experience and progress SAFELY as dive buddys!!! I am all too aware of the possible dangers involved as I spend a lot of time at work rescuing divers who are not so careful.

Please DO NOT assume that we are both complete novices going to jump in and dive down to 35-40m! This is not the case.

Safe diving


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