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posted : September 16, 2009 Post subject: South Carolina diver
Hi, everyone. Just found the site and I thought it would be interesting to talk to some UK divers.

I'm near Myrtle Beach, S.C., in the northeast corner of the state, and I do only river diving. Sorry, not much interest in the offshore stuff. I've got the swamp gene, and being down in blackwater with two feet of viz, looking for an old bottle or fossil shark tooth, is my favorite place. I've got about 1400 tanks in it, and have found the usual assorment of things here. US civil war bullets and buttons, a couple of Confederate artillery shells, some Revolutionary buttons and shoe-buckles, a lot of old bottles, mostly from the 1800's and early 1900's, with a few freeblown blackglass bottles from the 1700's, which is about as good as it gets here.

i LOVE UK history. Even hollywooded up, I'm a market they can't glut. Endlessly fascinated by the lives of the English rulers, as well as that of Mary Stuart.

I was looking at a shot of the Fotheringhay site, where the Nene River flows right past where the castle sat. I doubt I'll ever make it to England, but the photos shows the river with some fairly strong flow, and there has to be some hardpack expose in those curves. What are the restictions on diving the rivers in England? In S.C., all you have to do is buy a license; something like $10 for one year, and send in quarterly reports on what you find, and you're set.

I'd really enjoy hearing about river diving in the UK. Thanks much for your time, Larry.

posted : September 18, 2009 Post subject: South Carolina diver
Hi larry bit of stange one for me as i dive of the Southcoast of Cornwall, however river diving not really my bag but Iam sure someone furter North ma ythrow some info your way. Good luck and stay in tune

posted : September 20, 2009 Post subject: South Carolina diver
Safetyman, thanks for taking the time to post. I hope I didn't come across as a braggart. I really love doing the river, and when I think of the history that you guys have there, it boggles the mind.

I have no Idea I could get it together to visit England. That's a great wish/fantasy, diving or not, but if anyone wants to talk about the rivers there, I'll listen with bated breath. And then talk your ear off, in reply. With some photos of some of the British regimental buttons, etc, that I've found here.

I know that the "mudlarks" who dig on the Thames around London at low tide find some great artifacts. I hope the...authorities...haven't shut that down. It's fascinating reading about it in the TH'ing magazines.

I assume that the temps, even in the summer, are cool enough to require a wetsuit. Here in coastal South Carolina, the rivers pretty much mirror the ocean temperatures, and if we're having a warm summer, by June or July, I can do it in a long-sleeve shirt and camo-pants. Even then, I still wear a good bit of lead, like 25-30 or so, because I'm kind of a current hog. I like looking at bottom that's swept clean; you can read it like a book. Sometimes, I'll swim over an arrowhead that's laying in a little catch basin, and it's a rush to just look at it and think that I'm probably the first human to have seen it since it was used.

I should add, most of what we do is within 30 feet, or "first atmosphere", so from that respect, it's...comfortable.

Thanks again, Tanbbark.

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