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posted : October 28, 2008 Post subject: stoney
why do divers only ever want to dive same place over and over again ??

i have dived stoney and think its ok but there are lot of other places out there to dive !!!

its great for learning but you see divers saying rescue divers 160 dives dm 200+ and if you look at there logbook i bet more than half of them are at same quarry
i ask why ??? dont they get bored of same dive again again

i myself like to keep my logbook logged with different dive sites

i know you have to dive same place more than once now and again i have

BUT HEY guys i ask you to take a look at log books and see how many times you have done same dive over over boring

geoff b
posted : October 28, 2008 Post subject: stoney
I do agree to a point some times it does get tedious doing the same dive site. but then again the more time in the water the better and safer the diver?.
sometimes i do dostil on a sunday before work because its local and conveinient and sometimes its not always about the dive or the divesite its about the social aspect between dives and having the crack!. i've meet quite a few buddies whilst i've been on uk diving forum and now there is quite afew of us who dive on a regular basis depending on shifts, and have subsequently become not just buddies but mates as well who share the same interest. so before you judge us GET TO KNOW US!

head toad
posted : October 29, 2008 Post subject: stoney
geoff thats great you dive and meet other divers

but all im saying is how about a new challenge like dive somewhere different

you put a lot shouts out for buddies but you only dive stoney ???

take a look at your logbook if you keep one and be honest how many dives have you done and how many have been same stoney stangarth /wessex/coach/h-box/sub/under the pub

its not you im having ago out its all divers that get stuck in rutt same old dive

so have a look at your logbooks and see !!!! there are plenty of places to dive in uk so come guys how about a change ??? dont get me started on clowns they go to stoney at 4am to dive on weekends why dont they go to coast and dive

head toad
posted : October 29, 2008 Post subject: stoney
and razor if you want dive anytime get intouch

geoff b
posted : October 29, 2008 Post subject: stoney
paul aka :-headtoad i do dive different places depending who i dive with, and yes i would prefer more coast diving but as i do dive mainly midweek this then becomes a problem getting regular buddies together on the same trip.
you might be priveleged to get most weekends off where as i do not.
As for the posts on uk diving this is nessesity at the moment as a lot of my buddies cant dive at the moment due to work commitments, operations or holidays and therefore like yourself i try to meet new divers and they are then always invited to meet the rest of the gang and get to know them and then they can make there own arrangements when they are available because we dont exclusively all dive together like the toads, most saturdays at dostil !!!! because when i first started i found i quite difficult to find buddies midweek so in my own way i feel i am also helping people to find new buddies and get wet surely this is important to promote the sport instead of us all slagging one another off on this buddy board.
But then again we all have our own ideas!!!.
ps:- thanks headtoad for the invite to dostill when i first started, i had a good days diving with a good set of lads and lasses.
but unfortunately i only get 2 weekends off every 9 weeks so perhaps you can start to understand my predicament?.
regards geoff

posted : November 7, 2008 Post subject: stoney
Hi I agree with you geoff better to dive than sit at home not every one can just get up and go diving when they like I'm the DO of a family club I can get out most weekends but other have other comitments so some times I look on UK to find a buddie other times i use the same sites to train new divers wot the hell Im getting wet thats wot its all about diving and the pub etc

posted : November 11, 2008 Post subject: stoney
the question was not about going diving

it was why go same place week after week
there is more than just one quarry even if you dive in the week other quarries are open in week aswell

so i ask again for u paul take a look at your log book and count how many dives u have done in uk same place over and over and not in pool

so why

geoff b
posted : November 11, 2008 Post subject: stoney
razor, living in the midlands how many quarries are open every day of the week?. the answer:- not many!!!!!!!!!!
so i take it you only dive weekends?. if so bully for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as your so clever and wise help us mere amateurs where would you dive, lets say on a thursday?
and as i already dive at stoney, capernwray, chepstow, vivien, dostil, dorothea and cromhall can you think of any more?.
ps:- get some diving in you spend to much time on here telling us how to do it than diving yourself!!!!.
pps:- just in case you didn't realize this is a buddy board, not a forum for know it alls!
regards geoff

posted : November 11, 2008 Post subject: stoney
Razor your asking a silly question in my view , i live between stoney and guildy there easy places to get to. Other locations are too far to travel and not practical for imromtu dive sessions so if i don't go to either of those then i do not dive.

I agree with Geoff thats its best to dive at the same place than not at all.

posted : November 11, 2008 Post subject: stoney
first geoff the answer to you question
what about gildenburgh u missed that of your list and there is always the sea thats y we learnt to dive wasn't it
there are plenty of boats that go out in the week or are u shy of salt water
and ask youself why do you need to keep finding different buddies to dive with

and if u can drive to viven or dorothea then u can get to the coast
or do u need sides to hold on when swimming round like kids at swimming pool
get rid of your bcd and get arm bands maybe

now jeddy11 your answer because u live near stoney and gildy u can only dive there rubbish your like a kid your mommy says dont go to far from the house to play
your having a laugh if u wanted to dive there
nothing stopping u going other places to dive get intouch with geoffb he needs new buddy

ps jeddy11 logbook reads stoney dived gildy dived
pps geoffb log reads stoney loads n loads / capenrwray 3 / chepstow 1 / viven 1 / dosthill 1 / cromhall 1 / dorothea to scared to get in

geoff b
posted : November 11, 2008 Post subject: stoney
dear me razor your a firey one aren't you or as someone taken your sweets off you?
thanks for reminding me about guildy that one is in my log book.
ps:- i've been diving since january this year i've got 150 dives in and not all on the six meter shelf at stoney.
so forget the quarries for a moment if you can i've also dived west wales of the coast and off a boat,
dived at north wales off the coast and dived porth kerris a few times not only that but going back to the red sea the end off this month for the third time since i qualified so the answer to your question is no i'm not scared of salt water but actually prefer it!
And all this in 10 months i dont think thats to bad for my first year do you? or have you got something else pointless to say on the subject, Mr Nasty??.
ps :- if i want to go to stoney to meet a few of my mates then i will and don't think i need to justify it to you do i?.
pps:- if you can read try looking up the page a bit and see that i was looking for buddies because of different circumstances my regular buddies couldn't dive for a while!
so what you looking on this site for apart from generally annoying everyone?.
or do you prefer talking diving instead of doing it?

geoff b
posted : November 11, 2008 Post subject: stoney
how yes i've already dived with jeddy nice bloke, good diver, and keen to dive to get experience its just a shame you can't pass on your wisdom because you can't dive with your head up your arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted : November 11, 2008 Post subject: stoney
ok geoff thats great 150 dives since jan but be honest how many of them at stoney i bet more than half
others red sea wow now thats real diving and 10m in wales real deco stuff

i give in to you as will soon understand when been diving as long as me

my logbook last 8months not counting quarries





Warrior II 40m

U-322 50m

P-555 33m

and done northern wreck tour liveaboard red sea 2006
scapa twice 2004 2005

stoney is ideal for you so may you stay happy and safe
all the best razor

and chill the question was only why dive same place over and over if you want to dive stoney again and again then carry on all i ask is why ?

geoff b
posted : November 12, 2008 Post subject: stoney
no probs
, its just a shame theres a personallity clash could do with a buddy who does deco dives as looking to go that way early next year, looking at doing scapa myself.
i know its a long way from stoney but sometimes we have to cut the apron strings!!!!!!!!!!.
ps:- i love you

posted : November 13, 2008 Post subject: stoney
Guys . Sorry to interupt but I thought that this site was to help us find good spots and opportunities including diving buddies. Can we not stop this thread and get on with that???
I had to cancel last week because of a chest pain scare. Now been cleared and just gratefaul for good health and that I can go diving. So should we all !!!!!

posted : November 15, 2008 Post subject: stoney
Just to answer your ? about my logbook I have completed inexcess of 2000 dives oc, nitrox, trimix and ccr, and a fair few of them have been at the same site due to training or it has suited me to dive the same site more than 1 week end to try out new skills and new equipment, and just for the record i have been diving for 25 years + no i'm not bragging i just enjoy my diving

posted : November 17, 2008 Post subject: stoney
paul 2000 dives thats great
you must no every rock on 6m self at stoney and tile in swimming pool where you do your trainning
very sad

posted : November 17, 2008 Post subject: stoney
Your the sad one razor if you read my posting properly, I don.t need to brag were I have dived I was diving when you were just a twinkle in your dads eye if you were doing the dives you say then you would not be wasting your time on here as for me i'v done more dive sites in the uk and overseas than you have had hot dinners well that the lot from me Id rather be out diving than read your stupid remarks

posted : November 17, 2008 Post subject: stoney
ok paul you win you are a much better diver than anyone

as you have been diving for years and have 2000 dives logged

1000 at stoney 1000 in pool
so go and haunt someone else


geoff b
posted : November 18, 2008 Post subject: stoney
razor,we'd love to leave you alone but you started this thread and unfortunately for you no one seems to agrees with you!
so before you knock us get to know us because we all share the same interest but we all get different forms of enjoyment out of the sport.
ps:- hope to see you at stoney someday!!!!!.
lots of love

posted : November 18, 2008 Post subject: stoney
rather go ndc - dotty - anywhere but there

i will leave stoney to students as we all have to learn but !! some like the comfort factor of stoney{ like kids in swimming baths holding on to the sides} me i like more of a dive a new challenge not same old stuff over and over again

now please leave me alone

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