has been developed by the British Marine Federation, in partnership Police Marine Units and the Marine Insurance Industry. The site is a free database of stolen marine equipment, listing stolen boats, outboard engines, personal watercraft, trailers and other associated equipment.

How does it work?
All UK marine insurers have free access to enter details of equipment reported to them as stolen. Once theft has been reported, police forces across the UK receive full details of the theft by email and have access to update the theft information as their enquiries progress.

Theft Alert emails are also sent to anyone who has signed up to the mailing list and emails can be customised for the recipient’s particular area of interest.

The database can also be searched, for free, by anyone wishing to obtain information of stolen equipment, prior to purchasing a new boat or engine. Data can be searched by serial number, sail number, class, category, or other keywords.

Recovering Stolen Boats
Any person can provide tip-offs, for any item listed. Tip-off information will be sent to the relevant insurer and police force for further investigation. This information can be provided anonymously, however there may be rewards available for recovery of stolen equipment and/or prosecution.

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