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www.dive-international.net is the new international edition of ukdiving.co.uk. www.dive-international.net extends the user appeal of this World leading web site to a broader international diving audience.

Established in 1993, ukdiving was one of the first web sites to serve the needs of the diver. Now, after 8 years as a world leader we are the the largest site serving this popular and growing sport with over 30,000 html pages and in 2003 recieved 1.5 million user visits.

Comparing our user levels with the circulation of traditional 'printed' magazines, our user base is now double the size of any of the UK based diving magazines and advertising on www.dive-international.net could not be easier or more cost effective. We deliver a unique and highly targeted audience.

Research shows that both Internet users and divers are typically young (18-44), high earning individuals who are well educated and likely to be working in managerial, technical or professional positions. With greater availability of training in holiday resorts, there has also been an explosion in the number of women qualifying as divers each year.

Divers not only purchase diving related equipment but increasingly travel internationally to participate in their sport. Divers tend to be environmentally aware and conscious of the 'lifestyle' aspects of their sport.

Promotion via www.ukdiving.co.uk provides a direct and focussed means to target this highly attractive and growing group of 'active' sport participants. www.ukdiving.co.uk is the ideal place to increase brand awareness and present your services or product range. Our average user stays on the site for over 17 minutes which gives your advertisement every opportunity to stand out.

Web advertising can be highly targeted, reaching individuals with a specific interest and visitors to a web page are effectively pre-qualified leads because they have chosen to visit that particular page. In fact, we can also tell you how many times your advertisement has been seen during a month. This is not just a vague 'circulation' figure but an analysis of visits to that page so that you can see how many are really viewing your advertisement, helping you to fine tune and maximise all your sales opportunities.

If you are currently using magazine advertising as your main promotional tool, we can help introduce you to a more effective and cheaper means of promotion. If you already have a web site we can also help drive traffic to you, increasing your business potential.

See how the advantages of the Internet and www.dive-international.net can dramatically help increase your business and save you money, before your competitors do.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, wwww.dive-international.net an offer you an Internet package that's right for your business - from a simple banner advert through to bespoke Web Sites and e-commerce. Have a good look at the rate card as there are some excellent deals.



Fixed Positions
Prices in US $'s
Banner Advertisements  Size 468x60  Month  Year 
Platinum (Home Page)   $750.00 $9000.00
Gold   $150.00 $1800.00
Silver   $75.00 $900.00
Bronze   $30.00 $360.00
 Side Frame Box Advertisement  Size 115x90 - $1350.00
Side Frame Bar Advertisement Size 115x90 $115.00 $1350.00
Button Advertisement Size 90x30 $75.00 $900.00
Forum Sponsorship Size 468x60 $75.00 $900.00
Rotating Positions
If you do not have an affinity to a particular page or activity, why not try one of our rotating banner positions. Rotating banners are positioned throughout the site and locations are changed on a weekly basis to ensure that advertisements are viewed by a wide spread of users.
Rotating Banner Advertisements
Size 468x60
6 Month
Learn to Dive (UK) - exclusive areas, min 6 months
Learn to Dive (International) - exclusive areas, min 6 months
World Liveaboards
Hard Boats (UK)
Places to Dive
Medical referees

Directory advertisements are available for a number of specialist areas including: Accommodation, Boat Operators, Compressor Centres, Dive Centres and Training, Dive Clubs, Dive Shops Liveaboards, Manufacturers/Distributors, Photographic, Technical Training, Tourist Boards, Tour Operators.

Text Only
Text + Photo/logo
Text + Photo/logo + hypertext link
Multiple Listings (in addition to basic entry) - per heading
Classified Small (trade) ads are available in the For Sale and Wanted pages plus Recruitment section.
Text Only
Text + Photo/logo
Text + Photo/logo + hypertext link
Sponsored E-mail List
www.dive-international.net regularly e-mails registered users. These e-mail newsletters may be sponsored by advertisers.
Sponsorship of newsletter   
(per issue) $300.00
Micro Site
If you do not have your own site or would like an intermediate welcome page to provide immediate information prior to visitors logging in to your main site, we can provide a high value micro site at minimum cost.
1 page (2Photo's, Logo, text & hypertext link)  
Late Bookings - Special Offer Board
If you have late travel offers, send us the details for our special offers board. We cannot include URL's but you can have your contact details. Space is limited and offers are placed on a first come, first served basis for a maximum period of 5 days. This service benefits from being heavily advertised throughout the www.dive-international.net site and is therefore well visited.  
Bespoke Advertising
www.dive-international.net can work with you to build a unique bespoke advertising program that's right for your business
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